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Reach, Engage, and DOMINATE

SingTel Media provides powerful advertising solutions, through Targeted Digital Media Advertising on a variety of platforms. Broadcasting your brand message to millions or a select client demographic has never been more effective and easy.

Our advertising solutions target a precise audience that expands our already extensive reach across Singapore allowing brands to perform smart targeting on various of advertising and marketing platforms.

Our advertising platforms include:

  • TV Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Direct Advertising

Tailor your advertising solutions for your desired target audiences. Through our precise customer profiling services, you can deploy creative strategies to find and reach your intended demographic.
Capture your audience at the right places, such that they are in the right frame of mind to engage your brand. SingTel advertising provides various digital advertising platforms that gives brands opportunities to reach the right audience at the right time.
SingTel advertising can help you ensure your intended objectives are reached. Through the right combination of targeted advertising and the strategic use of the various digital platforms, you no longer have to be unsure of the outcome of your marketing spending. Your brand will be sure to grab the eyes and ears of millions.

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SingTelTV hosts some of the world’s leading sports, lifestyle and entertainment channels.
Catch your audience at their most engaged: enjoying their beloved football games or favourite K-dramas. Associate your brand with these fan favourites, and you conquer the hearts and minds of thousands.


Dominate over your competition on our SingTel affiliated apps.
Be the first brand consumers see as they browse through Singapore’s go-to apps for food, news, lifestyle and tv entertainment!


The open rate of SMS messages stands at a high of over 90%.
Couple this statistic with targeted advertising through SMS profiling and location based advertising, and you will get millions exposed to your brand message on the go!


Hit a home run with SingTel’s direct advertising.
Seize this chance to engage consumers on a personal level, get them to act on your promotion and be top-of-mind to grab marketshare.

Deeper Insights, Clearer objectives

Want to know a specific audience better? As an established marketing company in Singapore, we provide analytic services to uncover your customers demographic, behavioural and lifestyle choice, to help you define your marketing objectives and plan your campaign better with maximum return on your marketing spend.

Singtel advertising services include the following:

  • SMS Profiling
  • TV Profiling (SG-TAM)
  • Dataspark
  • SDA Panel

Curate your advertising solutions according to these useful statistics and find out the BEST way to not only grasp audience attention, but win over their loyalty to your brand as well!

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