TV Advertising

Get audience insights and give your brand the ability to create relevant and actionable communication, while establishing BRAND SAFETY.
Reach consumers when they are the most engaged and engrossed: watching TV. Despite the rise of digital media, TV remains integral when it comes to reaching consumers across Singapore. Capture the hearts and minds of consumers as they watch their favourite shows with friends in pubs or with loved ones at home.
120 Channels

Capturing Hearts And Minds

Nothing beats TV as the dominant media in glueing eyeballs to the screen. Some of Singtel’s most popular channels and programmes:

  • mio Stadium (Premier League)
  • Jia Le Channel (Singapore’s one and only Hokkien channel)
  • cHK
  • Fox Movies
  • Astro Ria
  • Discovery Channel
  • TLC
  • Oh!K
  • e乐 (Free for all Singtel Subscribers)

You will be spoilt for choice on the different channels you can reach your customers of any age and demographics.

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

  • 120+ Channels on Singtel TV
  • 600,000 people watch Singtel TV every month
  • 3 hrs average on Singtel Tv per day

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