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Female viewers on Singtel TV, Aged 25-40 years

Singtel Kantar Return Path Data Newsroom

Singtel Kantar Return Path Data measures TV audience engagement from all Singtel TV set-top boxes. It is now newly improved with project newsroom proprietary research, that provides detailed demographic information and individual TV consumption giving your company full-scope analytics of your audience.  Discover all the details you need of your target audience in order to create persuasive and engaging ads that captures their every desire.  

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DataSpark presents a unique opportunity to have an in depth view of the Singtel audience, through comprehensive and insightful statistics.  Don’t miss this chance to discover audience movement, bias, profile etc. With DataSpark, it isn’t just about the numbers, it is about the psychology of consumers and how you can influence them to align with your brand message.  

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TV Profiling SG-TAM

With the capability of measuring viewership performance, the Singapore Television Audience Measurement (SG-TAM) is the authorized source for delivering accurate reporting of viewership data collected across all platforms. These platforms range from traditional channels like televisions to digital channels like smartphones. Regardless of whether you are an advertiser, broadcaster, content creator, or even a viewer, you will be able to benefit from this audience measurement system, managed by GfK.

The system is able to track channels’ ratings and analyse data according to variables as specific as channels, programmes, categories, demographics, targeted time periods and many others. The valuable data collected can then be used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising campaigns as well as producing targeted content for all viewers.

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SMS Profiling

Part of our mobile advertising campaign, sms profiling can give you a look into the details of our 4.1 million mobile subscribers.  Cater your messages according to gender, lifestyle, age, income level, housing etc.  There is a vast amount of consumer information you can use to curate your advertising campaign to fit your desired demographic!

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