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Direct Marketing Solutions

Address over 800K Subscribers Directly with EDM Solutions

Did you know that 90% of the time, if Singaporeans access their mobiles, they are accessing their personal email?  Our EDM solutions can help you engage these viewers on a more personal level, which can go a long way with convincing consumers of your brand message.  Furthermore, EDM marketing can assist in gathering data from your consumers and even help you calculate your ROI, perfect for planning for the future as well!  With this marking solution that saves time and money, you can reach hundreds of thousands with just a few clicks.

Reach the Mailboxes of over 1.2 Million Singaporeans using Billing Inserts

Since your inserts would be mailed in with consumers’ bills, a direct relationship is established between your brand and something they already have to pay attention to.  They would most definitely at least glance through your brand message, exposing your company to over a million Singaporeans guaranteed.  Never underestimate the power of a well placed product promotion, especially since consumers would feel that it was addressed directly to them, quite literally!

EDM marketing

Have Your Brand be Associated with the SingTel Brand Name

Our branded envelopes ensure the reliable nature of your brand as it is associated with something they trust.  Be the first among your competitors to be associated with the No. 1 Telecomm Company in Singapore, and thereby expand your influence significantly.