Female viewers on Singtel TV, Aged 25~40 years


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Singtel Kantar Return Path Data Newsroom


Ever heard of an advertising agency that comes with a newsroom?

Singtel Kantar Return Path Data TV Audience Measurement Services combines data from all Singtel TV set-top boxes. It is now even better with project newsroom proprietary research that provides detailed demographic information and individual TV consumption giving you full-scope analytics of your audience.



DataSpark provides businesses with access to Singtel’s rich and unique repository of data sourced from Singtel’s mobile telecommunications network and almost half a million Singtel TV customers. Our 30-strong team of insight professionals and big data scientists offers valuable insights into consumer behaviour at a local level in 15 regional countries.

Singtel Digital Advisors – Online marketing Singapore


Singtel Digital Advisors comprises custom-built online research communities in Singapore, Australia and Indonesia that give customers an ongoing voice into the development of Singtel Group products, services, and marketing communication. SDA provides a designated space where they can be reached. The community consists of Singtel Group customers and members are pre-screened and profiled for basic demographic information and technology adoption. The digital advisor members can be quickly and flexibly invited to respond to questions and these responses can be viewed immediately and in real-time.

Among advertising agencies in Singapore, we have the largest sms database. Access from a range of profiles such as age, gender, nationality, lifestyle and type of dwelling, etc.

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