Mobile Marketing Solutions

As a business, your advertising and marketing efforts should utilize mobile advertising platform to incorporate strategies to reach out to existing and potential new customers through digital solutions tailored specifically for their smart phones. Create relevant and personalised engagement through Singtel mobile advertising solutions. Targeted SMS marketing and advertising
that reach your audience at the right moment.

With the largest local database, incisive consumer profiling and location-based SMS advertising services, Singtel Media helps get the most out of your mobile marketing campaigns. With our expertise and database, we are well positioned to support your mobile apps advertising and marketing strategies.

man 4,100,000 Mobile Customers


Our SMS profiling services allows 24/7 reach with targeted SMS and MMS campaigns. Choose from a range of profiles such as age, gender, nationality, lifestyle and more!

Location Based SMS/MMS

Our Location Based Marketing and Advertising services allows you to sharply target the consumers on the go, on their mobile phones.

The Singtel SMS service is a location based SMS offering brands a great way to reach and engage their audience at the perfect time and place. Target specific messaging and promotions to your audience at the time they are ready to engage or decision moment.

Singtel Media can provide an in-depth understanding of your target audience creating highly effective and customized SMS advertising solutions.

Location based marketing