Reach 4.1 Million Mobile Customers Immediately 

Did you know that SMS open rates are among the highest of any form of digital messaging?  In fact, most SMS messages are read within the first 2-3 min upon delivery! In a world of constant spam, an SMS notification can evoke a sense of importance and urgency to the receiver.  Powered by SingTel’s SMS profiling and location based features, you can now reach millions of your desired target audience.

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man 4,100,000 Mobile Customers

You Will be Spoiled For Choice With SingTel SMS/MMS Profiling 

Reach your desired audience with SingTel’s SMS/MMS profiling services.  Cater your messages based on your consumer’s age, gender, nationality, lifestyle and more! SingTel SMS marketing provides targeted solutions that are tailor-made to your objectives. This gives you high impact, laser targeting to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Catch Consumers at the Right Places with SingTel Location Based SMS/MMS Services

With SingTel Location based marketing, your promotion can get you immediate results.  That is because your customers are at the right place, at the right time – so they are emotionally ready to buy. Along with SMS profiling services, the location-based SMS feature puts your perfect customers right between the cross-hairs of your campaign!

Location based marketing