Digital Advertising

Be Seen; Be on Top of the Game

At Singtel Media, we specialise in crafting digital media advertising that works, with network and experience unmatched by other online marketing agencies in Singapore. We have built brands, rekindled others and executed many successful campaigns.

Did you know that the average Singaporean owns slightly more than 3 digital devices? This gives you ample opportunities to swoop in and secure the superiority of your brand! In this digital age, audiences look to the Internet for reference to almost everything. Through our digital marketing solutions, we will be able to advise you on how to market your brand stand out and stay relevant.

What sets us apart from the average Internet marketing agency?

Singtel Media will fulfill all of your advertising requirements whether you’re a big organisation, small business or somewhere in between. We work closely with marketing agencies and we’re always up for a challenge, no matter what they may be.

600 Global and local partners

With apps like HungryGoWhere, Singtel TV GO and NewsLoop, there are countless opportunities at your doorstep with Singtel Media.

We are not limited to the roles of a digital marketing agency in Singapore. Being no stranger to the realm of advertising, we have combined experience and industry knowledge across food, entertainment and retail that will amplify your campaign reach by way of creative and digital means.


Being one of Singapore’s top apps for foodies, HungryGoWhere can connect your brand with a topic that’s close to every locals’ hearts – food!

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Singtel TV GO

Singtel TV GO allows viewers to watch their favourite TV programmes, such as the Premier League on the go! This means your brand’s exposure widens significantly and is not only limited to the confines of a home television set. Go beyond the confines of Singaporeans’ homes as you get your brand messaging out to the masses.


NewsLoop brings you breaking news and a myriad of top trending lifestyle topics ranging from entertainment, beauty, to football match highlights and tech news. You can choose what matters most to you and personalise your NewsLoop experience with news from respected sources such as Channel NewsAsia, BBC, New York Times, ESPN, Yahoo! and Mothership.


Sounds so good! I’m definitely interested in furthering my brand exposure and relevance!